Tracking Twitter’s Message Growth

Andy Baio measures Twitter’s growth in terms of messages posted — cleverly deriving them from the post numbers of Evan Williams’s own history:

I decided to find out by using Twitter’s founder Evan Williams himself, albeit indirectly. Since Ev’s Twitter history goes from message #28 in March 2006 to #8,281,991 about three hours ago, it’s a convenient snapshot of Twitter’s growth since it began.

My only quibble with Andy’s charts is that they make it look like Twitter didn’t take off at all until November. Marchโ€“October 2006 are nearly flat in these graphs, but that’s only in comparison to the huge numbers that have come since November. Here’s a graph I whipped up showing only the growth from March through October 2006.

The lesson here is that even with a good idea and an experienced team, overnight success doesn’t happen overnight.

โ˜… Thursday, 15 March 2007

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