It’s About the URLs

Greg Boser on the DiggBar, and why it doesn’t matter whether Digg-framed pages still get indexed accurately by search engines:

Before the DiggBar, (and with legit shortening services) all those links would point to your URL. Now, a large percentage of them are going to be links pointing to a page on Digg. Now if you are Yahoo, CNN, or the BBC, that isnโ€™t really going to matter much. You donโ€™t have to spend time thinking about building link equity, because you already have it. However, if you are a newer site struggling to build trusted link equity in the current black hole environment we live in, the mass adoption of the DiggBar is a serious issue.

Framing breaks bookmarking, it breaks copy-and-paste from the location field, it breaks your browser history, it breaks bookmarklets. There’s nothing OK about it.

โ˜… Friday, 10 April 2009

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