Dave Nanian’s Takeaway

Dave Nanian’s tweeted summary of today’s event:

So, in sum: there is no problem, all phones have this no problem, a case fixes this no problem, free case to fix your no problem. Got it!

Twitter forces brevity, but I don’t think the “Jobs says there’s no problem with the iPhone 4 antenna” angle is fair. Jobs clearly stated that the iPhone 4’s antenna has a “weak spot”: the black antenna gap in the lower left corner. The message was that compared to previous models, the iPhone 4 antenna is better overall, but has a worse weakness. Jobs just didn’t — or couldn’t bring himself to — state it that directly, with the conjunctive “but”.

Update: Here’s a bit from Jobs taken from Josh Topolsky’s Engadget live blog coverage:

But not everyone is seeing this — a small number encounter it. For those customers we’ll get them a case, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll get them a full refund. And we’ll continue to work on antennas that don’t have this problem.

That doesn’t sound like someone arguing “there is no problem”.

Friday, 16 July 2010

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