Robert Graham Was Detained by the TSA for Taking Photographs

Robert Graham:

I tried to act nonchalant, as if I didn’t care about the time, but I certainly did. This is Thanksgiving, the flights are full, so it’s unlikely the airline would be able to book me on another flight. If I missed that flight, it would mean missing Thanksgiving. On the other hand, it would be a better blog if the TSA forced me to miss my flight for doing something that is perfectly legal. So I decided I was willing to miss my flight, making me as calm on the inside as I was trying to project on the outside.

Here’s his paraphrased transcript of a bit of conversation with a TSA manager:

TSA: Not all parts of the government are accountable to the public, especially the TSA.

Me: Wow. No, ALL parts of the government are accountable to the people, especially the TSA. I’m not sure what type of country you think we live in.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

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