Verizon Disavows Use of Carrier IQ

Kevin Fitchard, reporting for GigaOm:

โ€œAny report that Verizon Wireless uses Carrier IQ is patently false,โ€ Verizon Wireless spokesperson Jeffrey Nelson said in an email. In an email follow-up, spokeswoman Debra Lewis elaborated. โ€œWe did recently notify customers about new privacy programs; we were transparent about how customer information will be used and gave clear choices to customers about whether they want to participate in these programs,โ€ she said (the privacy policy is here). โ€œCarrier IQ is not involved in these programs.โ€

No weasel words there.

Update: A few readers seem confused about whether I’m being sarcastic here. I’m not. This reads to me like a clear statement that Verizon is not using Carrier IQ. If the above is true, Verizon is not involved.

โ˜… Thursday, 1 December 2011

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