Amazon Q3 Results

Tim Carmody, The Verge:

On Thursday, Amazon reported an operating profit of $107 million on $12.83 billion in net sales. Last quarter, the company bagged $192 million on sales of $13.18 billion; a year ago (also a useful comparison, since retail sales are seasonal), it earned $201 million on sales of $9.91 billion. So even though it sold slightly less in the quarter, year-over-year, Amazon continues to grow like gangbusters: 29%, according to the official release.

$107 million in profit for the quarter. That compares well to Apple’s $97 million in profit (per day) for the same quarter.

Update: $107 million was Amazon’s operating profit, not their net profit. See this correction for an accurate comparison to Apple.

Friday, 27 July 2012

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