Chrome OS in the Real World

Ian Betteridge:

Even if Chrome OS devices had accounted for 10% of all computers sold in the last year (which no one would claim, as theyโ€™re not even available in many markets), that would still amount to a tiny proportion of the total number of installed computers worldwide. Neither shipments nor sales tell you the story of installed base, and installed base is what visitors to a site is a measure of.

I should have been clearer. When I pointed out that Chrome OS accounts for just a wee sliver — 0.04 percent — of DF web traffic, I didn’t mean to imply that that number should correlate to monthly sales. I was simply pointing out that if Chrome OS devices are starting to catch on, it’s still early days.

Betteridge points to a Dixons employee who claims Chrome OS devices (well, to be precise, “Google products”) account for 10 percent of their notebook sales in stores with dedicated “Chrome Zones”.

โ˜… Monday, 28 January 2013

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