Theodolite Goes to the Great Wall of China

Craig Hunter:

So there I was on Tuesday, sitting on the living room floor with my 7-month-old daughter, watching Apple’s Special Event live stream on my MacBook while we played with some toys. About an hour into the Keynote, Tim Cook put up a “Life on iPad” video to show some amazing things customers have been doing with their iPads.

I imagine every developer sees these videos and hopes their app shows up; I know I always have. But in this case, something felt different. In addition to the usual feel-good stuff Apple always shows, they were demonstrating serious uses of the iPad, in settings ranging from medical to industrial, to hard-core sports and the outdoors. A couple minutes into the video, I was shocked to see my signature app, Theodolite HD, being used atop the Great Wall of China as an iPad user surveys the mountain scenery and architecture around him. Wow!

β˜… Friday, 25 October 2013

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