Siracusa on Jaguar

A bunch of you sent thoughtful replies in response to last week’s interview with Maarten Hekkelman. Much thanks — reader feedback, both positive and negative, is appreciated.

Daring Fireball site updates have been a bit few and far between so far this month, but that’s because we’re in the midst of a move back to Philly. By “midst”, I mean “we’re in Philly, painting an empty new apartment, but our stuff is boxed up waiting for movers in Massachusetts.” The good news is that I’ve eaten more decent sandwiches this week than I did in two whole years living in Massachusetts. (If you are not Italian, you should not be baking bread.)

In the meantime, John Siracusa’s Jaguar review is up at Ars Technica. That should tide you over, if you’re looking for good reading.