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I encourage you to send me your comments regarding Daring Fireball. Unfortunately, I am at times a lousy correspondent — where by “at times” I mean “most of the time”. If I don’t respond to your email, or do so only after an inordinate amount of time has passed, please don’t take it personally.

If you use Twitter, a good way to comment on Daring Fireball posts is was by mentioning either @gruber or @daringfireball on Twitter.

Update January 2023: Twitter mentions no longer work for my account, but Mastodon is the new Twitter, so I recommend you mention (and follow) me there: @[email protected]. I really do read all my Mastodon mentions (and would still read my Twitter mentions, if only Twitter weren’t crumbling).

If you don’t use Mastodon, or have remarks you’d prefer not to share in public, feel free to use email. No need to apologize — email is always welcome.

Please address personal correspondence to:

For additional privacy, you can contact me on Signal: 215-664-2328.