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Daring Fireball is written and produced by John Gruber.

Photograph of the author.
Portrait by George Del Barrio

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The Daring Fireball website is hosted by Joyent.

Articles and links are published through Movable Type. In addition to my own SmartyPants and Markdown plug-ins, Daring Fireball uses several excellent Movable Type plug-ins, including Brad Choate’s MT-Regex and MT-IfEmpty, and Nat Irons’s Amputator.

Stats are tracked using Mint. Additional web nerdery, including the membership system, is fueled by Perl, PHP, and MySQL.

Web Standards

Web standards are important, and Daring Fireball adheres to them. Specifically, Daring Fireball’s HTML markup should validate as either HTML 5 or XHTML 4.01 Transitional, its layout is constructed using valid CSS, and its syndicated feed is valid Atom.

If Daring Fireball looks goofy in your browser, you’re likely using a shitty browser that doesn’t support web standards. If, however, you are using a modern, standards-compliant browser and have trouble viewing or reading Daring Fireball, please do let me know.