New Trick for Script Menu

Erik Barzeski found a very cool feature in Jaguar’s system-wide Script menu: If you create a sub-folder named “Applications” inside “~/Library/Scripts/”, you can then put application-specific scripts within sub-folders of this folder. These scripts will then appear at the top level of the Scripts menu when that application is frontmost.

In other words, if you put scripts in “~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari/”, those scripts will appear at the top level of the menu when Safari is frontmost.

Very useful. (This almost makes up for the fact that Barzeski rejiggered his web site archives over the weekend in such a way that he broke every single link on the site. Note to Erik from Tim Berners-Lee: Don’t do that.)

I share Michael Tsai’s sentiments regarding one detail of the implementation:

Unfortunately, Script Menu uses the annoying “disabled menu item as a label” trick that’s also seen in the Apple menu, iTunes, Mail, and Safari.