On Newsstands Now

For your paper-and-ink enjoyment, the September 2003 issue of Macworld contains an article by yours truly, pp 74-76, entitled “BBEdit Version Control”. It’s about using BBEdit 7.0’s new built-in CVS integration on Mac OS X.

While CVS is notoriously cryptic even by Unix standards, BBEdit’s integration makes it really simple to use. The only thing BBEdit 7 doesn’t handle is creating and setting up your initial source code repositories — and that’s exactly what my article covers.

The article is not online, so you’ll need to snag a copy of the magazine to read it. If you enjoy it, it probably wouldn’t hurt if you wrote an email to their editors to let them know you’d like to see more articles from the same clever author.

Also: the screenshot is intended as a Kubrick reference, not a Stephen King one, but you’re free to interpret it either way.