Run Panther Run

If you’re using Safari 1.1, you’re running Panther. If you’re running Safari 1.0, you’re using Jaguar. This state of affairs has led some to wonder whether new versions of Safari are going to be tied to new versions of Mac OS X. Will Safari 1.1 be released for Jaguar users? Answer unclear, ask again later.

But it (the Panther-only status of Safari 1.1) also means that you can look in your web server logs and see how many of your Safari-using visitors have upgraded to Panther. Here are the results for Daring Fireball, from the first nine days after Panther shipped, including the release day, when it didn’t go on sale until 8p.

Update: For comparison, I’ve also included the figures from the day before Panther shipped, which readers are either seeded developers or bootleggers.

Remember, these figures are only Safari users. The Percent column indicates the percentage of Safari users who are running Panther.

Date Panther Jaguar Percent
Thu 23 Oct 157 826 16
Fri 24 Oct 315 1045 23
Sat 25 Oct 402 509 44
Sun 26 Oct 342 402 46
Mon 27 Oct 686 729 48
Tue 28 Oct 1197 1219 50
Wed 29 Oct 609 611 50
Thu 30 Oct 491 438 53
Fri 31 Oct 437 356 55
Sat 1 Nov 365 257 59

It’s pretty impressive how many of you installed Panther within 24 hours of its release.