Multiple Shirt Orders

A handful of people have asked whether there’s any sort of discount when purchasing multiple shirts. Here’s the deal. After buying your first shirt at the regular place ($30.72), you can buy extra shirts for $20.48 each. I never got around to setting up a form where you can specify multiple shirt sizes, so we’ll do it low-tech-style.

  1. Order at least one shirt at the regular $30.72 price. (If you’ve already done this, you’re set.)

  2. Follow this link to place an order via PayPal:

    Buy multiple shirts at $20.48 each.

  3. Multiply the number of extra shirts you want by $20.48. Donate that amount of money.

    I can’t eat the cost of overseas shipping for this price, so if you live outside the U.S., multiply the number of extra shirts you’re ordering by $25.

  4. On the second page of the PayPal order process, there’s a textedit field where you can specify the shirt sizes you want. No special format is necessary; I’ll be processing these manually.

(If you take advantage of this offer and would like each additional shirt to be accompanied with an additional membership key, let me know via email, or via the aforementioned textedit field at PayPal.)