MT Configuration Language Module for BBEdit 8

Here’s another codeless language module for BBEdit 8, for Movable Type configuration files (‘mt.cfg’). It provides syntax coloring for comments and MT directive keywords; by default, it claims any file whose name ends with ‘mt.cfg’.

Download link and installation instructions (cinchy) at the module’s project page.

The Movable Type user manual has a section on Configuration Settings; this module supports all the directive keywords listed there, plus the following six which aren’t documented, but which I found in the default ‘mt.cfg’ file for MT 3.11:

  • AdminScript
  • TypeKeyVersion
  • ObjectDriver
  • Database
  • DBUser
  • DBHost


Phil Ringnalda emailed to point out that the canonical list of supported MT configuration directives is in the /mt/lib/MT/ source file. From there, I slurped out 25 additional keywords:

  • AltTemplatePath
  • AtomApp
  • CSSPath
  • DBPassword
  • DBPort
  • DBSocket
  • DebugEmailAddress
  • DefaultLanguage
  • DynamicComments
  • IdentityURL
  • IgnoreISOTimezones
  • NewsboxURL
  • NoPlacementCache
  • NoPublishMeansDraft
  • OneDayMaxPings
  • OneHourMaxPings
  • PluginPath
  • SearchSortOrder
  • Serializer
  • SignOffURL
  • SignOnURL
  • TechnoratiPingURL
  • TimeOffset
  • TransparentProxyIPs
  • Type

(Note to Six Apart: It’d be nice to have these documented.)