MDJ Reports Tim Bucher No Longer at Apple

Today’s issue of MDJ reported that Tim Bucher — who took over Apple’s Macintosh hardware engineering division six months ago when Jon Rubinstein was put in charge of the brand-new iPod division — is no longer employed by Apple. According to MDJ’s exclusive report:

This week, without warning, Apple’s hardware engineering group was told that Bucher had left the company. No reason was supplied, but Bucher is so far gone that Apple’s infrastructure no longer lists him even as an employee.

According to MDJ, no successor has been named, nor was the reason for Bucher’s departure announced.

Not only has this not been reported anywhere other than MDJ, but it hasn’t even been announced outside Apple’s hardware division.

A friend who works as a software engineer at Apple told me that (a) the first he heard of this story was when he saw me mention MDJ’s report in my Linked List RSS feed, and (b) that at least as of this writing, Bucher is in fact still listed in the company directory, contrary to the “so far gone” part of MDJ’s report.

If anyone at Apple is willing to clarify this or add to the story, let me know. Confidentiality, of course, is guaranteed.