Introducing Joyent

To answer a somewhat frequently-asked question stemming from this year’s membership drive, no, I do not write Daring Fireball full-time. (One would hope the publication schedule would be slightly less erratic if I were.)

The big difference between this year and last year, however, is that I’m no longer working as a freelance designer and developer. Instead, since the beginning of 2005, I’ve been working full-time for Joyent, a start-up where we’re developing a suite of web-based applications aimed at small businesses.

We’re so “Web 2.0” that we’re at the Web 2.0 Conference, and we’ll be doing a brief demo this afternoon during the “launch pad” workshop. If you’re here at the conference, stop by the session and check it out, or look for me on Bonjour on iChat.

Check out to find out what I’ve been working on (which includes the Joyent web site itself, which we’ve developed in conjunction with Cameron Moll, designer and markup wonk extraordinaire, and Paige Pooler, who did the terrific illustrations).