Speaking at SXSW

It has come to my attention that I’ll be speaking on a panel Monday at SXSW, and that I have, as yet, not mentioned this appearance in this space.


How to Blog for Money by Learning From Comics
Monday 13 March, 5-6 p.m., Room 18D

I’m the token weblogger on the panel, and will be speaking alongside web comic artists Kevin Cheng, Bill Barnes, and Dave Kellet; Nicole Lee is our moderator.

Our basic premise is that web comic artists have been making money from their online work for years, and so they have actual experience regarding what works and what doesn’t.

Through some cruel twist of fate, our panel coincides with “Design Eye for the List Guy”, one of three other panels I was most looking forward to attending. To those of you torn between which one to attend, however, I say if you’ve seen one redesign, you’ve seen them all; our shit’s going to be funny and we’re going to set fire to stacks of hundred dollar bills during the discussion.

(The other two panels I’m most looking forward to are Jeffrey Zeldman’s “Roll Your Own Web Conference” and Michael Lopp’s “The Five Most Important Startup Decisions”.)

Also, if you’re attending SXSW and happen to be one of the various DF readers who have ever claimed to quote-unquote “owe me a beer”: please bring your credit card.