Daring Fireball Live at Macworld Expo

When Jason Snell, editorial director of Macworld magazine, asked me last month if I’d be interested in a 45-minute session1 on stage at the Macworld booth on the Expo show floor — 45 minutes where I could talk about whatever I wanted — I jumped at the chance. When Panic cofounder Cabel Sasser agreed to appear as my guest, I thought it could turn out really fun.

I was right. We, of course, talked about the iPhone and Apple TV, but we also talked about Panic’s products and company history, and the state of indie Mac software development. Questions from the audience ranged from what we think the iPhone means for the future of the iPod to why Daring Fireball doesn’t have comments. The whole thing pretty much turned out exactly as I’d hoped.

The good news for those of you who weren’t there is that Jason Snell has added the recording from the show to the Macworld podcast and made it available for direct download. It’s audio-only, but we didn’t use any slides, props, or visual aids, so the only thing you’re missing out on are our hand gestures.2 My thanks to everyone who attended, and to Macworld for turning their stage over to Cabel and me.

  1. Ours was the last session of the day, and we took the liberty of running way past the 45 minute mark. It’s also worth noting that we were on stage Tuesday afternoon, the day of the keynote, so there are certain things we now know that were unknown at the time (like, say, whether the iPhone is open to third-party development). ↩︎

  2. And the fact that when Cabel asks for a show of hands for how many people plan to buy an iPhone, just about every hand went up. ↩︎

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