Daring Fireball, Live Tuesday at Macworld Expo

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Daring Fireball is pretty good, but it would be better if instead of being a web site, it were more like a talk show, taking place in front of a live audience, with jokes and commentary and interviews with special guest Mac nerd celebrities, and then at the end of the show the Foo Fighters would come and knock out a killer rendition of like, say, “Everlong” or “My Hero”.

Well, if you’re here in San Francisco for Macworld Expo, you’re in luck. Except for the Foo Fighters part.

Tuesday at 4:30 PM, I have a 45-minute session on the Macworld Live stage in the Macworld magazine booth on the Expo show floor. (I.e. you don’t need a pricey conference pass, just a cheap expo pass.) Booth #408, in the South Hall.

Joining me on stage as my special guest will be Cabel Sasser, co-founder of Panic. We’ll be talking about the news from Steve Jobs’s keynote address, user interface design, and Panic’s software and company history. I plan to spend most of the time bragging about how accurate my keynote predictions were.

Cabel and I will both be wearing shirts and pants, and neither of us will be drunk, where by “drunk” I mean “visibly drunk”.

Top men at Macworld assure me that the event will be recorded, and, eventually, made available in some sort of downloadable format. But, clearly, seeing it live is the way to go. See you tomorrow.