T-Shirt Upgrade for Recent Membership Sign-Ups

Just to answer what is becoming a very common FAQ:

If you signed up for a $19 membership or renewal earlier this week, before the debut of the new t-shirts, and now wish you had known about the new Kevin Cornell-designed t-shirts so you could have obtained/renewed your membership by buying one of the shirts, you can “upgrade” to a new shirt by doing the following:

  1. Figure out the difference in cost between a new shirt (with shipping) and the $19 you paid for your membership-without-shirt. For the U.S. and Canada, the difference is $13; elsewhere, $18.

  2. Use the form on the membership sign-up page to send that amount of money to me via PayPal.

  3. Send an email to my contact address with “T-shirt Upgrade” as the subject. In the message, tell me your shirt size and shipping address.

“Upgrade” offer good through the end of the membership drive (April 16). Thanks to everyone who has joined in this year’s drive so far.