The Limited Edition Swap Meat DF T-Shirt

All great projects begin the same way: by designing a t-shirt.

So it was with Daring Fireball, which I started work on in 1979 as a six-year-old. I didn’t launch the web site for another 23 years, but that’s nothing compared to the original Carter administration-era shirt design, which didn’t make it into production until now.

Mustard yellow DF t-shirt with navy trim.

These fine shirts are part of Coudal Partner’s amazing Swap Meat (don’t forget to check out their TV commercial). This is a one-time run of only 75 shirts — 25 each in men’s M, L, and XL. Orders are placed through and shipped from the Swap Meat store, but, as with all Daring Fireball t-shirts, each comes with a one-year membership to DF (or a one-year extension for existing members).

(Special thanks to shirt model Ryan Singer, of 37signals.)