Josh Quittner Returns His iPhone

Josh Quittner is taking his iPhone back for a refund.

1. Verizon’s coverage is far better.

OK, that may be.

2. My Treo’s battery lasts longer and won’t cost me a bundle and three days to replace.

And this replacing-the-battery issue is something that didn’t occur to you until after you bought your iPhone? It wasn’t the sort of thing where you planned to take your iPhone back all along and use this as one of the excuses, right?

3. The iPhone keyboard needs improvement.

The Treo’s screen needs to be bigger. Neener-neener.

4. Without Flash, too much of the Web is off limits.

And so Flash works great on your Treo?

5. The Wi-Fi connectivity was flaky and not as fast as I had hoped.

How come no one else is complaining about poor Wi-Fi? I assume the Wi-Fi on your Treo is better. No, wait, Treos don’t support Wi-Fi at all.

6. It’s too expensive — both the device, and the monthly service.

And your Treo service from Verizon, with unlimited data, costs less? Because I just checked and it looks like prices start at $80 a month for 450 minutes.

It looks like, based on this chart, I’ll be out $86. It was almost worth it. I wonder how many other people will be at the store, returning theirs? Maybe I can liveblog it!

Please — I beg you — be sure to take photos of all the other people at the Apple Store returning their iPhones.