Pre-Order Leopard Via DF Amazon Affiliate Links

So the cat’s out of the bag1: Mac OS X 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard, will indeed ship on October 26.

If you’ve purchased a Mac on or after October 1, Apple will ship you Leopard for a $10 shipping fee. Otherwise, you can pre-order now for $129, or, for $199, get a five-license family pack. Amazon is selling both versions (single and family) for the same price as Apple, including free shipping. If you pre-order through these links, Amazon will send me a 7.5 percent kickback.

I.e., you get a good price and free shipping, and I get about $10.

Plus, Amazon offers a pre-order price guarantee: “Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and release date, you’ll receive the lowest price.” (When 10.4.0 (Tiger) shipped, Amazon offered a $35 rebate on the single-user version and $50 rebate on the family pack.)

[Update: One day later and Amazon has already cut $20 off the price of the single-license version and $10 off the price of the family pack.]

Alas, as of this writing, only Amazon’s U.S. store has Leopard available for pre-order. When it becomes available in Amazon’s U.K. and Canadian stores, I’ll update the links accordingly. (You can specify which Amazon affiliate links you wish to appear on DF using the Preferences page.)

My thanks in advance to anyone who buys Leopard via these links.

  1. Ha. ↩︎