More Questions

  • So it seems like the answer to my question yesterday about how users will be prevented from running apps downloaded directly from developers (rather than through the App Store) is that unsigned apps will only work on your iPhone if you pay (and get approved) for a $99 iPhone developer account. But does that mean that approved developers will be able to freely exchange unsigned apps with each other?

  • Is there any way for developers to provide demo periods for apps? On the Mac, a “try before you buy” period is practically universal. But if you have to pay before you download from the App Store, that seems out of the question. Maybe developers can supply separate “free” trial versions of each app?

  • Do developers get customer info from Apple? If so, how much?

  • Developers are free to set their own app prices. It’ll be interesting to see where these settle. My guess is $9.99-14.99 — roughly the price of an album. Maybe less for simple games geared toward impulse purchases.