” is currently a placeholder page hosted by MarkMonitor, a company that specializes in brand-related DNS management. You can see that it’s handled by MarkMonitor by checking the whois information for the domain. Apple uses MarkMonitor for most of its domains, including “”, and it’s where they’ve previously parked domains for future use.

Additional tidbits:

  • Via Clint Ecker, the name server for changed today.
  • Via Matthew Yohe, Netcraft’s report for “ indicates that the “DNS admin” for the domain is Apple. This information comes from the DNS SOA record. Type “nslookup -q=soa” in Terminal to see this information.
  • Via MacRumors: was the previous name of Snappville, a build-your-own-social-network site, along the lines of Ning. The current placeholder content still redirects to Snappville.

“” is parked at MarkMonitor, too, but “” is a bit punchier, no?