Where in the World Is Jesus Diaz?

Speaking of the stolen iPhone prototype saga, an anonymous tipster emailed me this week claiming that Gizmodo editor Jesus Diaz left the United States and is now in his home country of Spain — and that he decided to leave after California police acted on the warrant against his Gizmodo colleague Jason Chen, because he fears police will learn that it was he (Diaz) who set up the meeting with Brian Hogan for the purchase of the phone.

I’ve emailed Diaz, along with Gizmodo editorial director Brian Lam, but haven’t gotten a response. My simple questions:

Is Jesus Diaz currently in the United States? If not, where is he, when did he leave the U.S., and when is he planning to return? Lastly, what role, if any, did Diaz have in the purchase of the iPhone unit from Brian Hogan?

Perhaps my source is a liar, and Diaz is sitting in the Gawker office in New York at this moment, or, if he is in Spain (as this tweet from an apparent Diaz acquaintance suggests), is merely on a previously-planned but coincidentally-timed vacation, and my emails to Diaz and Lam remain unread or ignored in their inboxes. This tweet from Diaz earlier today, in Spanish, suggests he’s in New York today. Easy enough to clear up, if so.

Update, 40 minutes after posting:

Jesus Diaz responds via Twitter, says he’s not in Spain and that yours truly is a “loser”, “assclown”, “Apple spokesman”, “liar”, and “clown”. Happy to clear that up.

No answer yet regarding Diaz’s involvement in obtaining the iPhone unit.