Update on The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2017

On Wednesday I put the first 500 tickets on sale for next week’s live show from WWDC. They sold out in 7 minutes.

The California Theatre in San Jose has both an orchestra level and a balcony. That first bunch of tickets separated the two. After talking with the staff at the theater today, they recommended making all tickets general admission and allowing their ushers to fill the orchestra level first, and then direct remaining ticket holders to the balcony. So, all tickets, including those sold Wednesday, are now simply general admission. Everyone paid the same price, so I think this is fair, but I do apologize for any confusion. The theater is beautiful, and there are no bad seats.

The next batch of tickets will go on sale today, Friday, at 1p ET/10a PT. Given what happened Wednesday, I expect them to sell out in a few minutes. I hate writing that because it sounds braggy, but I’m putting it out there just as fair warning. You’re going to have to act quick and maybe get lucky.

If you want a ticket and wind up not getting one, there will be a live audio stream for everyone to listen to. This year we are not going to attempt to stream live video. Instead we’re going to work hard to get edited video of the event up on the web as soon as possible after the show is over. If you just can’t wait, listen to the live audio. If you want to see the show, wait for the video — it should be up some time on Wednesday at the latest.

If you do get a ticket or already have one:

  • All seats are general admission, with no distinction between orchestra level and the balcony.
  • Put your ticket in Apple Wallet and bring ID to show at the door. (If you don’t have an iPhone (?) bring a copy of the ticket PDF.)
  • Doors open at 6p, and there will be an open bar. Find a seat, grab a beverage, and mingle with your fellow fans of the show.
  • The show itself should start at 7p.