Drobo by Data Robotics

Have a big iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, or Final Cut library? Need more storage and a way to keep your invaluable data safe against a hard drive crash? Sure you could go with any old external hard drive or RAID box, but then you might as well throw your Mac out the window and buy a PC. The second-generation Drobo with FireWire 800 is the world’s best storage experience for the Mac — hands down! With data redundancy, instant expansion, and incomparable ease of use, nothing could be easier. Need more convincing? Drobo received 4.5 mice from Macworld and an Macworld Editor’s Choice (“Eddy”) award. Visit www.drobo.com/fireball to learn more and save $25 instantly on your Drobo purchase.

This RSS sponsorship ran on Tuesday, 2 September 2008.