Rogue Amoeba: What Kind Of A Name Is That?

What kind of name is “Rogue Amoeba”? Strange? Definitely. Unfit for use? Possibly. Either way, what it means is “Quality audio software”.

Take Airfoil, for instance. With it, you can send audio from your Mac or PC all around your home. Send to Airport Express and AppleTV units, and computers running Mac OS X, Windows or even Linux. And with our free Airfoil Speakers Touch, you can even send audio to iPhones or iPods Touch.

An exclusive for you, you handsome Daring Fireball reader, you? Of course! Save 20% off any and all Airfoil products, with coupon code DARINGFIREBALL, sexy!

So click the link. Most of you already have.

This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 20 April 2009.