VMware Fusion 3

Built by the worldwide leader in virtualization, VMware Fusion 3 is the best way to run Windows on a Mac without rebooting. With a built-in PC Migration assistant, it’s easier than ever to bring your entire PC to your Mac. With VMware Fusion 3.1, you can run your Windows apps like Mac apps using the most reliable Windows-on-Mac platform. Key features of VMware Fusion include:

  1. Ultimate Windows 7 Experience: VMware Fusion is the first to enable the full Windows 7 experience, complete with Windows Aero and Flip 3D.

  2. Switching Made Easy: VMware Fusion is the fastest way for users to bring their entire PC to their Mac without the added cost of a one-time use cable.

  3. More Mac-Like than Ever: Run Windows applications like Mac applications with features like an “always-on” applications menu to find and launch Windows apps, even when VMware Fusion isn’t launched.

This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 9 May 2011.