Fleetsmith: Automated Apple Device Management for Security-Minded Teams

Run your devices. Don’t let them run you.

Fleetsmith automates Apple device management, making IT teams more efficient and putting zero-touch device setup, fleet-wide visibility, automatic updates, and security best practices within reach for everyone.

Fleetsmith offers two complementary solutions:

  • Fleetsmith Intelligence provides free real-time visibility into your entire device fleet, proactively exposing business and security risks before it’s too late.

  • Fleetsmith Managed fully automates device setup, app and OS updates, and security. You can upgrade your devices to Fleetsmith Managed with a single click.

Fleetsmith Intelligence is free forever, and Fleetsmith Managed is free to try for up to 10 devices, with no restrictions, no time limitations, no jumpstart, and no credit card required.

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This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 29 October 2018.