Buddy: The Fastest Website Deployments

Buddy automates building, testing and deploying websites to any cloud. It’s fast and easy.

We believe it’s the most effective way to build better apps faster and here is what our users say about us:

“We started using Buddy a few months back… We’ve got several semi-complicated deployments (composer, cache flushing, using a release dir, etc) that Buddy handles super nicely… and it’s fast which was something we were struggling with other tools.”
—Eldon Yoder

“I don’t understand how they do it, but Docker image building on Buddy is so much faster than any other CI platform I have used.”
—Scott Roberston

“Buddy is a stellar example of how great design and UX can benefit development tools. Super easy and intuitive experience for a CI/CD tool! Kudos for making such a great product.”
—Ibrahim AshShohail

“Migrated our CI/CD pipeline to Buddy today. It really is great to work with, removed deployment headaches.”
—Gareth Drew

“Surprisingly easy to set up an atomic deployment pipeline with Buddy — no complicated scripts / configuration required, it’s all done for you. Really impressed”
—Mark Croxton

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