Kolide: User Focused Security For Teams That Slack

Many of today’s fastest growing companies owe their success in-part to a culture that centers around transparency, personal responsibility, and most importantly, employee happiness. However, companies also need to secure their endpoints, and often do so at the expense of these values. Too often we’ve seen teams install intrusive management and security products on their employee’s devices.

At Kolide, we believe you don’t need to spy on your users or cripple their devices to meet your compliance and security goals. To that end, we recently launched a new product that integrates with your Slack team and messages your users directly when their Mac, Windows, and Linux devices are not up to spec. Your users will receive clear instructions about what is wrong and step by step instructions that will fix it. They can even confirm in real-time that they resolved the problem, right in Slack.

This simple premise of keeping your users in the loop and making them a part of the security team is called “User Focused Security” and Kolide is the fastest way to implement it in your organization.

Try Kolide’s new product for free for 30 days for your entire fleet.

This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 1 July 2019.