Tara AI – Easy Agile for Software Teams

12 clicks to create a sprint on Jira.
22 clicks to connect Jira to Github.
32 clicks to get anything done.

With the DF community’s help, we’ve designed an even faster experience on Tara, to help your software team git ship done. 1-click sprints, and a lightning-fast agile workflow for requirements, sprints, and tasks.

What’s new:

✍️ Daily standups with PR status: With a TASK-ID reference, Tara automatically shows pull request status from Git for a given task and any blockers to completing your sprint.

🔗 Sprint reporting inside Slack: Teams can now create Tara tasks from Slack and receive automated reports on effort, pull requests, and commits completed within a sprint.

DF readers can sign up for free, with no user limits in workspaces.

This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 8 March 2021.