The problem with existing spreadsheets is that they were invented for a world before the iPhone and Cloud APIs. They are too ugly to share interesting data. They’re also error-prone: it’s way too easy to accidentally delete stuff. And they are isolated from other tools. Getting data into them is manual, time-consuming work.

Rows reinvented spreadsheets to let you build data-rich spreadsheets that look modern and slick. Let’s unpack it. Rows uses the same logic as Google Sheets and Excel. It has cells and the functions you’re used to, like SUM, VLOOKUP, and INDEX.

On top of that, Rows added powerful integrations with business tools and public databases. Your spreadsheet can talk to Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce; it can send emails and Slack alerts; and even connect to your custom APIs. And you can fetch public data from databases like Crunchbase, Hunter, and LinkedIn.

Finally, Rows offers Live sharing — a revolutionary new feature for spreadsheets. Users with live access can’t make changes like editors can. They only see the data you want, and can only edit cells you set editable. No one can mess up your spreadsheets. Turn them into interactive dashboards, reports and forms with buttons, input fields and checkboxes.

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This RSS sponsorship ran on Monday, 8 November 2021.