Obsidian is a flexible writing and note-taking app that adapts to the way you think. Download Obsidian.

Obsidian helps you create connections between your notes so you can organize your thoughts. Link anything and everything — ideas, people, places, books, and beyond. Invent your own personal Wikipedia.

Obsidian is built on the following principles:

  1. Free for personal use
  2. Available on all operating systems
  3. Interoperable, local Markdown files
  4. No tracking, no account required
  5. Private, end-to-end encrypted
  6. Easy to modify with API, plugins, and themes
  7. 100% user-supported, no VC funding

If you sign up for our add-on service Obsidian Sync by January 1st 2024 you’ll get 5× of encrypted cloud storage for your notes and attachments — 50 GB for the price of 10 GB.

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