Stairways Software Releases Keyboard Maestro 2.0

Michael Kamprath’s long-standing macro utility is now a $20 product from Stairways Software (makers of Interarchy):

Keyboard Maestro consists of three functions: powerful macros, program and windows switching, and clipboard switching.

Using Keyboard Maestro’s macros you can control applications, windows, or menus; insert text; open documents, applications or URLs; execute scripts; control the system, iTunes, or a PowerMate; and more, all with the touch of a key, click of the mouse, periodically or at specific times, or even when an application is launched, running or quits.

The Program Switcher lets you cycle through applications or windows, closing, hiding, launching, and more. Keyboard Maestro can help you regain control of your crowded screen by letting you close or hide multiple windows or applications, especially useful in the Finder.

The Clipboard Switcher lets you select from a number of named clipboards, storing information away for later retrieval. Store the details you are working with and access them by name again and again.

Tuesday, 21 September 2004