Marc Liyanage: New and Updated BBEdit Glossaries

Marc Liyanage has new and updated BBEdit glossaries for XSLT, Perl, JSP, Apache Ant, Java, and more.

As Marc says:

Note: Make sure that you use BBEdit’s “Auto-Complete Glossary” command in combination with a keyboard shortcut with glossaries, otherwise you’re not using them (or BBEdit) to their full potential! I recommend Ctrl-Return as a keyboard shortcut. If you set up things this way, you can, for example with the XSLT glossary, type “val”, hit Ctrl-Return and BBEdit will insert the full template for <xsl:value-of ...> into your document.

I also suggest assigning Cmd-Option-Left and Cmd-Option-Right to the commands “Go To Previous Placeholder” and “Go To Next Placeholder”.

Sunday, 7 November 2004