Deconstructing Maui X-Stream

DrunkenBlog has published a copiously-researched exposé of Maui X-Stream, the company that was previously exposed as having ripped off the open source Pear project for “Cherry OS”. It ends up their main products — streaming video and audio encoders and servers — are violating the licenses of several open source projects, too.

This is an enormous and impressive piece of investigative journalism from the pseudonymous Drunkenbatman, conducted and published in the face of legal threats from the dirtbags at Maui X-Stream.

Ian Betteridge has a report on this at Publish, with quotes from Maui X-Stream President Jim Kartes denying the charges. But Kartes acts as though the charges against Maui X-Stream are merely speculative; they’re not. The charges are based on hard evidence: strings contained in the own software binaries.

Friday, 13 May 2005