MacInTouch: NewerTech MiniStack Review

Ted Silveira reviews the MiniStack FireWire drive enclosure, which is intended to stack underneath a Mac Mini, for MacInTouch:

In addition to performance, we were curious about three things going into the review:

  • Heat: With the miniStack positioned directly under the Mini, would the heat from the 3.5” hard drive cause the Mini to run too hot?

  • Noise: Although the Mini does have a fan, it’s very quiet in operation, even in a room with no other computers or noisemakers. Would the miniStack’s fan preserve that quiet?

  • Fit and finish: The Mini is a good-looking box in its understated way. Would the miniStack live up to that standard and really look like it fit in, or would it look like tennis shoes under a tuxedo?

Tuesday, 30 August 2005