Mike Pinkerton Hired by Google

After 8 years working for Netscape and AOL, Mike Pinkerton is leaving to work for Google, where he’ll be getting to paid to work on Firefox.

So now let me address the large elephant in the corner: what oh what does it mean for Camino now that Pink is going to work on Firefox? The answer: only good things. Remember that Google employees get 20% of their time to work on their own pet projects. While some of that time will hopefully be spent nurturing the growing Mac community within Google, a lot of that time will be directly spent on Camino. That’s right, I’m (indirectly) getting paid to keep working on it. That’s going to be a big help with the push for 1.0 coming up this Fall. In addition, just as Josh blogged not so many months ago, there is plenty of Mac-specific work that benefits all Gecko browsers, and now there’s one more Mac guy available to help out.

Google is hiring an awful lot of A-list engineers.

Wednesday, 7 September 2005