Updated Mac Minis Arriving

Think Secret reports on the updated Mac Minis: 1.5 GHz processors, 5400-RPM hard drives, 64 MB of VRAM (up from 32), and Bluetooth 2.0 support lead the list of changes. Interestingly, they’re apparently appearing in boxes marked with the old specs; according to Think Secret:

Sources have informed Think Secret that Mac Mini box labels will continue to list the older specifications with no indication of whether the newer or older systems are contained within. The motivation behind this is to help clear current inventory without lowering prices. Essentially, customers are promised that the Mac Mini they purchase will have specifications “at least” equal to the label, but that their system may exceed those. Customers who purchase a new Mac Mini to find they ended up with the older configuration will not be able to return the system in the hopes of getting the newer configuration without paying a restocking fee.

Tuesday, 27 September 2005