Iraq-Corpse Web Site Operator Held for Obscenity

So there’s this web site for amateur porno that was giving out free accounts to U.S. troops who could prove they were stationed in Iraq. What happened is that as proof, some of the troops started submitting grisly photos of dead Iraqis — charred remains, a cab driver whose entire head was blown apart — often with the troops themselves pictured gloating or laughing over the remains. Now that the situation has blown up into a small-grade scandal, the troops aren’t in any trouble, but the guy who runs the web site is.

Via Tom Tomorrow, who says it well:

The Pentagon found nothing worth investigating in the story about the porn site trading free access to soldiers in return for their grisly war photos — but in what is described as an entirely unrelated development, the operator of the porn site has been arrested on obscenity charges.

Not that anyone wanted to, you know, shut the site down or anything.

Monday, 10 October 2005