Xbox 360: A Mac User’s Best Friend?

I think Paul Thurrott is exactly right here. (Full disclosure: I found it hard to type that sentence.) If there’s a quibble, it’s that Xbox 360 (and the upcoming PlayStation 3) won’t just be good for Mac users, but they’ll be good for Apple, too.

The single biggest knock against Macs (versus PCs) has always been gaming. Don’t get me wrong, there are some terrific Mac games, and even terrific Mac-only games, but overall, the gaming scene is clearly both bigger and better on Windows. But next-generation consoles seem set to surpass the PC as the premier platforms for gaming, which means anyone who’s resisted switching from Windows because of the lack of games for the Mac will have one less reason not to switch. I think there a lot of guys out there who are starting to think they’d be better off with a new Mac and an Xbox/PS3 than with a new Windows PC.

Tuesday, 29 November 2005