Jens Alfke: Sweet Fifteen

Jens Alfke, who’s worked on everything from AppleScript to iChat to Safari’s RSS reader (and who wrote the original Stickies app) is celebrating his 15th anniversary working at Apple:

I’d say “it doesn’t seem like that long”, only it does! Things have changed so much. When I started, on January 2nd 1991, there was no Apple campus. I was in De Anza Six, a building that later became Taligent and then IBM, and now sits empty, apparently awaiting demolition. My first machine was a Mac IIfx, a wicked-fast 33MHz 68030 with 8MB of RAM. (I bought my own for home, at a crazily-discounted price of $1800.) The very first piece of code I wrote at Apple, a utility called AEBuild, still survives to this day as part of the AppleEvent framework in OS X.

Monday, 2 January 2006