Sandvox Auto-Installs Input Manager Hack

I’m glad I haven’t bothered trying Sandvox yet. Bill Bumgarner reports:

I was debugging a random crasher problem today and noticed that something called Smart Crash Reports appeared in the inventory of my Cocoa app’s list of frameworks and bundles.

As it turns out, Sandvox silently installs Smart Crash Report in ~/Library/Input Managers/ when it is launched. As an input manager, SCR is thusly loaded into every Cocoa app launched and subsequently uses various non-supported mechanisms to modify the behavior of said application.

Completely unacceptable. Sandvox is now gone from my system and will not return until this feature is “opt in” only.

This is the exact same thing I complained about regarding Path Finder 4.0 earlier this week.

Friday, 20 January 2006