MacBook Pro Keyboard Backlighting Is Not Ludicrously Bright

Daniel Jalkut, proud owner of a MacBook Pro, on the brightness of the keyboard backlighting:

Obviously, my photos might be deceptive, too. But all I can say is that dim version looks “pretty much” the same as it looks in my office. Maybe O’Grady got a defective keyboard? I would like to see a picture of this retina-burning “lowest setting.” If the dim version shown above is brighter than the maximum brightness of the G4 keyboard, I’d say it’s the G4 that was defective!

Also, reader Adam Polgar emailed to say that the new brighter keyboard backlighting was introduced with the higher-resolution PowerBooks last fall — meaning the backlighting on the MacBook Pros is probably the same as on my PowerBook (which I think is pretty darn good).

Thursday, 2 March 2006