John C. Welch Reviews Apple Remote Desktop 3

I love a detailed software review from someone writing about a tool they actually depend upon, and Welch obviously depends on ARD. Welch likes version 3.0, he likes it a lot, and he’s particularly happy about the new AppleScript support:

You can now, finally, automate the Apple Remote Desktop application itself. This is a major one, because quite honestly, even if I can copy a file or install something to multiple computers via Apple Remote Desktop, prior to AppleScript, I had to do this manually. Select the computers, select the file, create the task, run the task. If I had to do multiple client management tasks a day, I had to sit there and make with the clickey-clickey for each thing.

A manual administration tool kind of blows.

Well, the suck level of Apple Remote Desktop has dropped like a rock.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006